Save Biodiversity, Board it on the Ark of Taste!

The Ark of Taste docks at Salone: come discover what it’s all about! See what’s already aboard and help us find new passengers!

Dubbed the Ark of Taste, this initiative strives to document products that are quickly dwindling into extinction.

Like a catastrophic flood, industrial agriculture and the homogenization of taste is wiping out many foods worldwide, along with the cultures they represent and the history that defines them. For example, there are thousands of apples that have been selected by farmers throughout the ages, but the international market offers a meager four. Mexico, from where corn originally hails, has lost 80% of its varieties in just one century. Of the more than 5,000 varieties of potatoes that existed in the past, today only four are commonly grown and consumed.

Biodiversity ensures that ecosystems are able to adapt and survive, to deal with any possible changes, and to improve their capacity for adaptation.

The fight to save biodiversity is synonymous with the fight for the future of the planet.

You can help save biodiversity too!

How? In Turin, in the Oval arena, a stand dedicated to the Ark will play host to over 1,000 grains, fruits, cheeses, legumes, breads, sweets, and various other products. Ranging from over 60 countries, each product will be accompanied with video and photographic media so as to illustrate the great heritage of biodiversity that is at risk of extinction.

Bring us a food that you want to save! It will be displayed at Salone and nominated to become one of the next passengers on the Ark of Taste!

What can you bring? Any variety of fruit, legume, bread, cured meat, conserve, distillate, or honey that you can think of! If it is a traditional product in danger of being lost, it is worth saving.

Please note that we cannot display fresh or perishable products (cheese, fresh meat products, fish, etc.), nor animal breeds, for obvious reasons. Instead, you can bring them to our attention and tell us about their history.

For further information:

The Ark of Taste is a place for young and old to discover our wonderful heritage of agricultural biodiversity at play. On board the Ark, you will find a work of collective Pixel Art. The interactive installment by Quercetti is made up of 97,200 tacks in six different colors. These tacks are to be inserted into 81 small pin boards. The final result will be an amazing photograph effect teeming with different colors!