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Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is the most important international event dedicated to food and gastronomy. An enormous event composed of diverse factors: the Market, with exhibitors from five continents, numerous meetings dedicated to the wealth and diversity of global cuisine, street food, the prestigious Enoteca, conferences examining issues around food production, the Forums of Terra Madre’s food communities and more, all with the aim of loving the earth. Together, we’re learning more about how our food is made, preserving biodiversity and securing a better food future for everyone. Scroll down to learn more!


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Taste, learn and discover the world of food through a kaleidoscope of events.

From Taste Workshops to Dinner Dates, Cooking Schools, educational activities for children and families, Conferences and Terra Madre Forums, Personal Shoppers and Eat-ins and much more besides.

The greatest ever edition of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is here, in the heart of Turin!


Taste, learn and discover the world of food through a kaleidoscope of events.

From Taste Workshops to Dinner Dates, Cooking Schools, educational activities for children and families, Conferences and Terra Madre Forums, Personal Shoppers and Eat-ins and much more besides.

The greatest ever edition of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is here, in the heart of Turin!


Taste Workshops

For those of you whose culinary curiosity knows no bounds, this years’ Taste Workshops are not to be missed—and this year they’ll be held in some of the most magnificent rooms in the city. So, if you’d like to discover the secrets of the world’s gastronomic treasures, come and meet them head on! Learn directly from top, international producers, chefs and experts.

At the Royal Palace of Turin, in the apartment of Queen Elena, there are two palatial rooms dedicated entirely to the world of wine. Take a taste-voyage from Germany’s Mosel to Portugal’s Bairrada, and many other prestigious regions. Particular attention will be given to the natural wine movement, with a large selection of important Italian varieties present. Vertical tastings of several denominations will underline the inseparable nature of grape and territory.

Workshops focusing on beer will be held at Eataly Lingotto in the Sala Punt & Mes, where we’ll explore the future of Italy’s artisanal beers as well as an extraordinary range of brews from Spain, Poland, Greece, Mexico, Brazil, and even the island of Malta! Authentic superstars of the international beer scene will guide you through every aspect of their production and composition to further enhance your appreciation!

At the Circolo dei Lettori, the workshops will concentrate on products from the soil, from the diverse regions of Italy to lesser-known international delights. Want to know all the uses for agave in the kitchen? Or what ingredients determine the spicy hotness of a dish, beyond the chili pepper? Understand what exactly is the taste of umami? All this and more awaits you!

It doesn’t finish there: at the Carignano Theater you’ll be treated to an array of encounters with coffee, learning more about the history of Italian coffee culture and getting to know this globally-loved drink in various languages. In Piazza Castello you’ll be able to savor Tuscan cigars paired with a series of libations, from beer to bubbles; then keep your spirits high at the Bolaffi Auction House with cocktails prepared by some of the world’s most brilliant bartenders! In Valentino Park, at the Pastificio Di Martino stand, you’ll delve into the world of pasta, from the raw materials to the cooking and condiments, all under the guidance of skilled chefs.

Book your TASTE WORKSHOP now!

Cooking Schools

After their glittering debut two years ago, the Cooking Schools return to Terra Madre this year with a new and improved formula in taste education, Slow Food style. There’ll be more spaces, more opportunities and more food, occupying two rooms of Eataly Lingotto.

In the first classroom, the characteristic feature of the lessons will be the direct involvement of everyone taking part. Participants will be asked to contribute first-hand to the creation of a dish or the application of a food processing technique, as if they were in a restaurant kitchen. Learn by listening, but also by doing: get to know the rules of everything from plate preparation to the various methods of cooking a wide range of ingredients, from bananas to beans, agave to cereals and everything in between, including how to conduct a formal Chinese tea ceremony.

In the second classroom, we’ll be studying theory. The great chefs will be taking off their aprons to become true teachers, regaling us with the stories and ideas behind their kitchens. We’ll talk about agnolotti with Ugo Alciati and Guido Vicina, the future of cuisine as imagined by Davide Scabin, of extreme, wild lands, from the mountain refuge of Juri Chiotti to the volcanic island of Salina with Martina Caruso. We will learn the meaning of tamal with Esteban Tapia, and extrapolate how the kitchens of the world’s great restaurants are connected to the land with Enrico Crippa.


Dinner Dates

Four evenings, four can’t-miss events with some of the world’s greatest chefs. Dinner Dates are some of the most anticipated experiences at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, and for good reason: we’re giving you the chance to attend what will surely be one of the most special dinner occasions of your life. Historic collaborations between noted international chefs, raw materials chosen with rigorous attention to detail, each menu tailored specifically to the occasion – and the results are always both surprising and exquisite! [Testo da usare per eventuale cartolina]

What piques your curiosity?

Sergey and Ivan Berezutskiy are the twin brothers who are driving Moscow wild. During this Dinner Date, you’ll taste pre-Soviet cuisine reimagined through a contemporary lens.

From Barcelona, Xavier Pellicer brings his conceptual masterpiece, wherein meat and fish become side dishes, an accompaniment to a rich world of vegetables interpreted with perfect technique in terms of cooking, consistency and revisited traditions.

Then there’s the knowledge, the history and the dishes of those who were once sous chefs, the second-in-command of the most respected restaurants. Now, having refined their techniques, capacities and creative expression, they themselves have become Master Chefs.

Last but not least, if you love surprises and guessing games, a truly unique opportunity: four great chefs, of whom we’ll tell you nothing except that they’re all deft hands. Your task will be to guess their age, nationality, training and, if you feel you can, their names!


Conferences & Terra Madre Forums

For the conference program at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016, Slow Food invites you to one of the most symbolic locations in the city, and one Italy’s most beautiful stages: the Carignano Theater.

The program will expand on our central theme of loving the earth from multiple points of view, encouraging us to widen our perspective and discover how, for better or for worse, food can change the planet. Speakers of international fame will confront the global economy, human and animal welfare, happiness, the environment, the kitchen, food in the arts, and more.

The Terra Madre Forums, on the other hand, will take place in Valentino Castle – Turin Polytechnic and at Torino Esposizioni – University di Turin. These will be spaces for debate and confrontation on a wide range of topics relating to the world of food, where delegates from across the Terra Madre network will be able to discuss their problems, both amongst themselves and with experts, and work together to find potential solutions.

Agriculture, soil, legality, the raising of livestock and animal wellbeing, biodiversity, meat consumption, the role of women in food production: these are only some of themes that will be brought to life and developed in the Forums, taking in the points of view of all our members from across the world. The Forums are arranged with our delegates from the Terra Madre network in mind: there will be a limited number of places available to the general public. You can accredit yourself on arrival at the location and partecipate in the meetings which interest you most.

The program of Conferences and Terra Madre Forums will be online from mid-June: check back for updates on the themes and speakers as well as all ticket information.

Educational Activities

Slow Food Education’s projects all have one thing in common: they’re fun! At Terra Madre Salone del Gusto there are lots of activities designed for children, families and schools, all with the aim of helping us to loving the earth, the central theme of this year’s edition.

Come and find us at the Medieval Village Borgo Medievale in Valentino Park, which hosts a series of events we’ve dubbed “Learning through Play”. You’ll discover the secrets of seeds, gardening, vegetables; you’ll learn what it means to be a co-producer, look behind the scenes at at what it means to be an ice cream maker or a food blogger; you’ll train your sense of taste in a sensorial gym; and take part in a role-playing game to rediscover the pleasure of dining together… and more!

By combining tastings, sensorial analysis, work and pleasure, you’ll learn more about the world of food and the impact of your culinary choices on your health and the environment.

The activities of Slow Food Education are aimed at schools and families, and are in Italian only.

Choose your Educational Activities

University of Gastronomic Sciences Activities

At Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) in Pollenzo, a young, dynamic university with a strongly international outlook will play both an active and creative part, beginning with its presence at the Market of Valentino Park. There are numerous outreach programs planned by teachers, alumni and students, as well as participation with the Terra Madre Forums, meetings between businesses and graduates, presentations of new projects, research and ideas. All this will be enriched by the dynamism of the student body who lives and shares this eclectic and unique academic reality every day!

Let yourself be guided around the Market by our expert Personal Shoppers who’ll introduce you to products you’ve never heard of, their histories, methods of production, participate in their educational workshops and tasting to discover new products from cultures near and far, explore the city on foot – or by bike – searching for new gastronomic treasures with Bike’n’eat and Walk’n’eat, share you food and your ideas at the Eat-ins and get involved in the future of gastronomy!

The Protagonists

The true protagonists of every Slow Food event are the people that cultivate, produce and cook the food we eat. Those for whom food is more than just a job, but a philosophy of life and a passion of the heart.

In this year’s edition their presence will be more illuminating than ever. Our 5000 delegates will be in Turin, spread across the most beautiful and symbolic locations in the city: the great Market in Valentino Park, along the banks of the river Po, Piazza San Carlo, Via Roma, Piazzale Valdo Fusi and many more. The city will turned into a gigantic kitchen, where we’ll learn to appreciate all the world’s flavors, and the people behind them, from field to fork.

The list of exhibitors, Slow Food Presidia and Food Communities will be online from June. Check back for updates!

Are you an exhibitor? Log in to your reserved area.


Slow Food Presidia

You’ll find the Slow Food Presidia at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto at Piazza San Carlo, Via Roma and Valentino Park.

These projects, designed to save artisanal products, native breeds of animal and varities of vegetable, traditional methods of production, cultivation and fishing, endangered ecosystems and rural landscapes, are some of the greatest torch-bearers for loving the earth.

They are an act of love, expressed in the preservation of traditional knowledge, promoting sustainable practices and protecting the integrity of their territory. They are the agriculture of the future, here today. There are almost 500 Slow Food Presidia worldwide, involving 15,000 producers.

For more information, pictures and videos about the Presidia, and to discover Slow Food’s work to to protect biodiversity, visit the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.

Sustain our projects!

We are still defining the full list of Presidia that will take part in this year’s edition, but we can already tell you that there will be lots of new faces, both from Italy and the rest of the world. You’ll meet the Slow Food Presidia in Piazza San Carlo and Via Roma, and the international Presidia at Valentino Park. Check back for updates!

Terra Madre Food Communities

The small-scale farmers, herders, fishers, artisans and cooks of the Terra Madre network take care of the earth, the sea and our natural resources, and represent a sustainable model of agriculture. Nourishing the planet in harmony with nature and maintaining the fertility of the soil, they are the guardians of biodiversity and community well-being.

Since 2004, Slow Food has promoted Terra Madre, a network of food communities rich in inspiration and solutions, spread across 170 countries of the globe. These food communities demonstrate that an alternative to intensive agriculture is possible, a model which is kind, delicate, respectful of the earth, the heritage of thousands of years of traditional knowledge.

This year, you’ll be able to meet the delegates of the Terra Madre food communities in Valentino Park and attend the Forums where they’ll take a leading role, at Valentino Castle (Turin Polytechnic) and Torino Esposizioni (Turin University).

We are still defining the full list of food communities who will come to this year’s Terra Madre – check back for updates.

Maestri del Gusto

Since 2002, the name “Maestri del Gusto has identified the gastronomic excellence of Turin and the surrounding area. Beekeepers, chocolatiers, bakers and more: among the Masters of Taste there’s the very best of the Piedmontese capital can offer. Getting to know them will bring you close to a land with a rich and interesting cuisine, full of surprises and delicacies. A journey that takes in neighborhood stores, the historic boutiques of the city center, and more remote corners of the region.

For this year’s edition of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto there’ll be a market in Piazzale Valdo Fusi, in front of the Chamber of Commerce, who started this project and carry it forward together with Slow Food.

Come and meet the best food producers in Turin! You’ll also find here the stands of Slow Food Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, who’ll bring the square to life with a range of activities.

Chef Network

Chefs are an essential element of any Slow Food event. Through their recipes they tell us the stories of lands near and far, their cultures, histories and ways of producing.

With the word chef, Slow Food describes people with different backgrounds and paths in life, all sharing the same food philosophy:

the great chefs who, with international fame, represent their countries, who you’ll find this year at the Dinner Dates, Cooking Schools and Taste Workshops;

the chefs of the Terra Madre network, active members of the Terra Madre food communities in their countries, who you’ll meet at the continental kitchens in Valentino Park;

the chefs, both Italian and international, of the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance, who will take to the stage in Piazza Castello to show us their specialities

the chefs of the best kitchens in Turin, whose daily work feeds the city of the Mole.

Thanks to all of them, you’ll learn how the dishes we love are inseparable from their lands of origin, and how they help keep the countryside, coast and mountains alive

Check back for updates on who’ll be manning the stoves at the Terra Madre kitchens.

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto

For the first time ever, Terra Madre Salone del Gusto steps outside! From September 22-26, you’ll find us in the streets, squares, parks, palaces, theatres, museums and palaces of Turin, and beyond.

Discover all the events and exhibitors in our interactive map, so you know where to go and how to get there!

Valentino Park

In 1911 Valentino Park hosted the Turin’s International World’s Fair, and just over 100 years later, its 421,000m²  of green space along the river Po, will once again be the heart of a great international event. During Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, the paths of the park will host the Market, with exhibitors from across Italy and the world, with hundreds of stands that will bring visitors face to face with food producers from across the globe, allowing them to taste and buy extraordinary products directly from the people who made them. There will of course be space given to every region of Italy, as well as the activities of our partners helping to make this year’s event a reality.

Inside the park, the Borgo Medievale is a 19th century reproduction of a medieval fortress, with embattled walls and a drawbridge: this is where you’ll find most of our educational activities for schools and families.

Last but not least, don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to take part in the cross-cultural dialogue between our delegates from across the world at the Terra Madre Forums in the rooms of Valentino Castle (Turin Polytechnic) and Torino Esposizioni (University of Turin).

The Great Squares

Imagine Piazza Castello, starting from the courtyard of the Royal Palace at one end, as the starting point of a journey through the square, down Via Roma to Piazza San Carlo, the “living room” of Turin. Terra Madre Salone del Gusto will be present in the most elegant parts of the city, with a variety of events and exhibitors on show.

In the courtyard of the Royal Palace the Enoteca brings together over 800 wines from every region of Italy, from new producers to the rarest vintages chosen for the occasion by the Banca del Vino at Pollenzo. In the Queen’s Apartment, two rooms called “The King’s Wines” and “The Queen’s Wines”, welcome Taste Workhops dedicated to wine: a panoramic overview that will take in natural wines and diverse viticultures from across Europe. In Piazzetta Reale in front of the Palace, there’ll be a colorful selection of Food Trucks offering high-quality food at reasonable prices. In Piazza Castello, you’ll discover the different regions of Italy thorugh their food and agriculture, as well as the activites organized by our sponsors for this year’s event. You’ll also be able to taste the latest creations of some of the chefs of the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance, both from Italy and around the world, who’ll be taking to the stage in a series of thrilling showcases right in the heart of the city.

Walking along Via Roma and finishing in Piazza San Carlo, you’ll discover a world of biodiversity as represented by the Italian Slow Food Presidia, one of our most important projects, and recognized as the highest mark of food quality “Made in Italy”.

Through the Streets of the City Center

Not far from Piazza Castello, in another of Turin’s most famous and symbolic squares, the Carignano Theater welcomes a series of major conferences on the world of food, to inform and inspire us all. In the theater’s Sala delle Colonne there will also be a series of meetings that will tell the story of coffee, and the various lands where it is grown.

In Via Bogino, the Circolo dei Lettori (Reader’s Circle), one of the best-loved places in Turin for all those passionate about literature, history and culture, will host some of the most highly-anticipated Taste Workshops, those focusing on products of the land.

For the workshops dedicated to the art of mixology, as guided by some of the world’s most brilliant bartenders, the rendezvous is at the Bolaffi Auction House, one of the most famous institutions of its kind in the world.

Meanwhile, in the nearby Piazzale Valdo Fusi you’ll find the market of the Maestri del Gusto with delicacies from Turin and the surrounding area, accompanied by the beers of Open Baladin, while at the Convention Center Torino Incontra, the Food Mood program brings companies together in a series of business-to-business meetings for industry insiders.

In Via Po, the “Via del Gelato” will introduce you to the biodiversity contained in an ice cream cone, thanks to the creations of Alberto Marchetti and other ice cream producers.

Eataly Lingotto

Since the opening of its first retail store in 2007, in the history Carpanovermouth factory of Via Nizza in Turin, Eataly has always been more than just a place to eat well and do your grocey shopping. From the beginning, Eataly has brought the highest-quality Italian foods to Main Street through an innovative form of widescale distribution, creating a place where shopping, lunch and dinner can be combined with tasting sessions, cooking schools and lessons on taste education.

During Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, Eataly opens its doors to Slow Food: Taste Workshops dedicated to the products of the land and a panorama of beers from Italy and beyond, Cooking Schools where you’ll learn hands-on, and hear to the stories of great chefs, and unmissable Dinner Dates.

Find your perfect event now!

Along the River Po

Ask a Torinese to choose the real symbol of the city, and they probably won’t talk of squares, museums or monuments, but a river: the Po! The riverfront, known as the Murazzi, is one of the city’s most celebrated nightlife hubs, where all true Torinesi have passed some of their youth. Beyond Turin, the river is a symbol of life and vitality for the entire north of Italy and its agriculutre, passing from west to east to its delta on the Adriatic sea.

The Po also forms one of the borders of Valentino Park, one of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto’s two main locations. At the northern end of the park, on the other side of Corso Vittorio Emanuele, you reach the Murazzi, where the historic and recently renovated Devalle silk warehouse will host a Street Food bonanza, including all the Italian classics you know, and many other delicacies you don’t! Prepare to be amazed!

To quench your thirst you can carry on along the Murazzi and choose from the various bars where there’ll be a wide selection of artisanal Italian beers on tap, a unique opportunity to experience the whole spectrum of brews from across the Boot.

Check back for updates on the Street Food vendors that will whet your appetite and the beers to go with them, from midday to midnight, every day of the event!

The Museums

To fully immerse itself in the life and culture of Turin, Terra Madre Salone del Gusto will also be expanding to take in the city’s most beloved museums, where specially created activites will complete our journey through the world of food.

On the southern side of Piazza Carignano, the Egyptian Museum , considered after the Museum of Cairo to be the most important in the world for the value and quantity of artifacts from Ancient Egypt, will offer visitors a journey of discovery through the various edibles found inside the pyramids: an incredible opportunity to learn about some of the oldest documented forms of agriculture, and how the Pharaohs ate. In the museum courtyard, a photography exhibition and accompanying tasting, where we’ll get to know the food of modern Egypt, from breads to dates and native animal breeds all seen through the lens of the Slow Food network along the Nile!

The tallest museum in the world and icon of Turin, the National Museum of Cinema at the Mole Antonelliana, reopened in 2000 with an enormous collection of artifacts from the history of cinema and its precursors, will show films and documentaries accompanied with related tastings!

Just metres away from the gigantic monument to King Vittorio Emanuele II, the Gallery of Modern Art (GAM) will be hosting the exhibition “Organismi: from the Art Nouveau of Émile Gallé to Bio-architecture”, featuring art, architecture, design and photography all related to food, until November 6th 2016. Here we’ll bear witness to the history of sustainable farming, with important documents from 30 years of Slow Food.

Last but not least, the dialogue between contemporary art and high cuisine has been rich and intense in recent years. The Castle of Rivoli , just over 10 miles away, a symbolic location for both forms of expression, is the ideal place to celebrate the marriage of the two. In June we will reveal this unique and exception event to the public, created especially for Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016.

The Royal Residences of Turin and Piedmont

The Royal Residences of Turin and Piedmont are an immense cultural heritage composed of a vast network of stately homes, palaces, castles, villas and vineyards, offering world-class hospitality, spectacular landscapes and an exclusive atmosphere. The so-called “Crown of Delights”, which hosted the Court of the Royal House of Savoy, has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Today, the palaces confirm their continued vitality and cultural value through both their permanent art collections of art and temporary exhibitions of international fame, organizing events in the fields of education and gastronomy that renew their charm and scenic splendor.

More information on the residences

To experience all the glories that Italy’s first capital has to offer, take advantage of the Royal Card, your all-access pass to all the palaces and castles in the region! You’ll be able to move freely between the most beautiful Courts in Italy saving up to 40% compared to the normal entrance fees. Included in the price of the Royal Card is free entrance to the palaces, free access to public transport and the shuttle bus from central Turin to the Palace of Venaria on the outskirts of the city, a trip on the City Sightseeing bus, a guided bike tour of Turin and more!

More information on the Royal Card


Media Center

Visitor Information


There are many new features of this year’s Terra Madre Salone del Gusto: free entrace, new locations, and the wide-ranging activities involving the whole city. Here you can find all the information you’ll need to make the most of the event, including how to get here and move around the city to hotel booking and family-friendly spaces!

Discover Slow Food

Come and discover how Slow Food has revolutionized the world of food: this year the Association brings its major campaigns to the streets of Turin in interactive tours.

Together we’ll learn more about the value of biodiversity, how important it is for the future of our planet, and how to save it by changing our habits of consumption, starting with meat, of which we should eat less, but of better quality.

It doesn’t stop there. In the themed spaces we’ll investigate lots of other subjects, such as the importance of preserving our rivers, lakes and oceans, the crucial role of indigenous populations in the global food production system, and the value of bees to agriculture and the protection of biodiversity.

Come and find us! You can also learn more about campaigns through our books, and join in the fight for good, clean and fair food for by becoming a member of Slow Food.

Save Biodiversity

Did you know that just four commercial apple varieties, the Golden, Fuji, Gala and Pink Lady – represent 90% of the global market? That 60% of the calories consumed by human beings across the world come from just three cereals (wheat, rice and corn)? Whatever happened to the innumerable thousands of other species of vegetable, and breeds of animals? Many have already been lost forever, others at severe risk of extinction, while others are in a phase of recovery.

Come and experience our interactive tour on saving biodiversity and open your eyes! There is so much more to the world than four types of apple and three cereals. You’ll learn to better appreciate the planet we live on through the incredible breadth of vegetable varieties and animal breeds we share it with.

Slow Food protects biodiversity through its international projects. Board the Ark of Taste, discover the products at risk of extinction and help us to preserve them. Explore all the biodiversity-related events at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto.

Slow Meat

How much did you last pay for a steak? And what’s the true cost of the meal, for you and for the planet? It all depends on where the meat comes from. A steak from a cow raised on an intensive industrial farm may lighten your wallet a little less, but its impact on the environment, the animal’s wellbeing and even your health are much worse. On the other hand, a steak from a cow raised in a sustainable manner may cost a little more, but it will be better, cleaner and fairer, for you, the animal, and the planet.

On the Slow Meat interactive tour, and discover the difference between industrial meat and the alternatives, from the field to the fork. Learn to choose what meat to eat with this in mind: if you eat less of it, but of better quality, everybody benefits.

Slow Meat is an interactive tour and one of Slow Food’s international campaigns. Search for all the events related to meat at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto.

Themed Spaces

When Slow Food started the debate on food 30 years ago, we couldn’t have imagined all the themes our campaigns would eventually come to encompass. The most important questions for our association will be the protagonists of our Themed Spaces, each having a rich calendar of events you won’t want to miss.

Indigenous People – because it doesn’t make sense to defend biodiversity without defending the diversity of indigenous populations, their cultures, languages and traditions.

Let it Bee – because across the world bees are disappearing, and dramatically so. They play a vital role in our agriculture, and countless species depend on them, directly and indirectly.

Slow Fish – because our seas are perhaps the most abused source of wealth we all share, and marine life is difficult to understand, appreciate and preserve.

Migration, because the phenomenon must not considered be some distant problem, but the consequence of short-sighted politics that affect us all.

The program of the Themed Spaces is still being defined – check back for updates.

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