September 26 from 11:00 to 12:30
City Center - Carignano Theater - Sala
Piazza Carignano, 6
10123 Torino


Food and Agriculture in Egypt, Yesterday and Today

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Theme: Food Culture
Tag: EgyptBiodiversityAfrica

A journey through ancient Egypt: the cradle of civilization and one of the oldest agriculture systems of the world, born around the Nile river and oasis, based on cereals, pulses and vegetables as well as some staple products: bread, beer, wine and papyrus, the ancestor of paper. Then, a look at an Egyptian dinner table today, where imported products have taken the place of local food, sign of a deep political, economic and social crisis. What is the role of agriculture and food in the history of one of the oldest and most densly populated countries of the world?

This event will be available in Italian and English.

Online ticket sales are now closed. During the days of the event (September 22-26), all remaining tickets will be available at the Event Reception on the ground floor of the Regione Piemonte building in Piazza Castello and at the reception of Eataly Torino Lingotto. Tickets for the conferences will also be available directly at the Carignano Theater.


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