September 22 from 11:00 to 13:00
Valentino Park and Po River - Slow Fish
Viale Virgilio 45

Workshop and Presentation

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Theme: Slow Fish
Tag: Food and Art

Plankton and algae have an incredible history and can tell us much about our past and our future. They are also a perfect biological marker, and one of the most nutritious sources of food, widely consumed in Asia but very little in the rest of the world. This session aims to tell us more about this tiny living being, our ancestor as a matter of fact, the role it plays in our food web and ecosystems and how it could make its way both in our consciousness and our pantry.

Introductory presentations: Pierre Mollo/ Biologist/ France, Amanda Swinimer/ Dakini Tidal Wilds/ Canada. Animation: Marco Marangoni

Free entry while seats last.

Online ticket sales are now closed. During the days of the event (September 22-26), all remaining tickets will be available at the Event Reception on the ground floor of the Regione Piemonte building in Piazza Castello and at the reception of Eataly Torino Lingotto. Tickets for the conferences will also be available directly at the Carignano Theater.

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