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A Cured Pork Odyssey with the Banca del Prosciutto

From Italy to the Balkans to discover the secrets and flavors of an ancient specialty

From China to the Mediterranean, over the centuries the art of pork butchery has created a fascinating and varied mosaic of techniques, ingredients and products across the globe, creating authentic gastronomic traditions. The art of curing pork legs using salt to preserve the meat for as long as possible is a response to a primordial challenge that has produced incredible results around the world.

At Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016, Slow Food members will be able to sample these results from some of the places where the tradition is most firmly rooted: Italy, Spain, France, Istria and the entire Balkan area. On Monday September 26, under the expert guidance of the founders of the Banca del Prosciutto, the “Ham Bank,” the Taste Workshop of the same name will lead participants on a gastronomic voyage, starting in Spain with Jamón Ibérico Aljomar Bellota De Guijuelo, made from Iberico Romanico pigs, raised free-range and fed primarily on wild acorns, bellota, in the pastures of Extremadura. After a sampling of Iberian flavors, we’ll move towards the Pyrenees, to try Padouen: Aged for 18 to 24 months, it releases penetrating and persistent aromas, thanks to the excellent quality of its fat. From there to Italy, to the flavor of a Dok Dall’Ava San Daniele, aged for at least 16 months, salted with sea salt from Margherita di Savoia in Puglia and made from Italian pigs farmed mostly in the Po Valley. Also from the Dall’Ava prosciuttificio comes Hundok, a product made in Italy with a Hu18_08_bancaprosciutto2ngarian flavor. The journey will then continue in Istria, with a local prosciutto, and end where it began, in Spain. Indeed, connoisseurs maintain that Hundok is comparable to Spanish ham, part of the same common thread that connects the art of pork curing. Made from Mangalica breed pigs, raised in the Magyar plains for around 16 months, the meat has such a high oleic acid content that the ham literally melts in the mouth, with a very sweet flavor.

The tasting will be not only a sensory voyage but also an opportunity to talk about food production in Eastern Europe and particularly the Banca del Prosciutto, thanks to which the Dall’Ava team has made San Daniele a hub for encounters and exchange for quality ham producers across Europe.

“It’s a unique institution,” explains Carlo Dall’Ava, “that’s changing the approach to the world of ham. Within this space we give a voice to producers who like us have chosen transparency, clarity and a desire to ‘say what they do, and do what they say.’ The Bank functions as a place of exchange, but most importantly as a museum of excellence with interactive exhibitions for the public, tastings, visits to producers, sales and an event presenting the prosciutto bankers. At the Salone del Gusto we will be trying to offer not just a tasting of the art, but also of the passion that fuels us and led us to create this project.”

As if your taste buds needed any more encouraging, the prosciuttos will be accompanied by seductive bubbles from Franciacorta, produced by Contadi Castaldi. The winery’s enologist, Gian Luca Uccelli, will be presenting the New Generation Edition with the new Franciacortas and new vintage Satèn, Rosé and Pinònero Natura and Brut labels.

Sharpen your knives and raise your glasses: The tasting is about to start!


Annalisa Audino

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