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Davide Scabin and the Revenge of the Anchovies

The science fiction of yesteryear offered a vision of the future in which flying cars, robot servants and nutritious energy pills all made life faster, and easier, with technology replacing traditions in all aspects of life.

Davide Scabin, one of the most eclectic chefs on the Italian scene, has another idea: “In reality I’d like there to be bread, butter and anchovies in green sauce like my grandma used to make”, underlining a return to time-honored classics prepared with few ingredients, plates which have been protagonists of the latest culinary trends.

With his farsighted eyes on the future, Scabin has always been ahead of his time, an experimentalist: he demonstrates this with the ‘Cyber Egg’ – his flagship dish – and the meals prepared for the astronaut Luca Parmitano aboard the ISS (including a lasagna alla bolognese, risotto, eggplants and parmesan, caponata and tiramisu). Perhaps equally significant to Scabin’s story was his decision, some years ago, to serve a simple plate of pasta at an international congress where all the other chefs presented refined, elaborate menus.

We’ve reached the third gastronomic revolution, and in what seems to be a return to our origins, and respect for our culinary past, we find new values in our traditional plates, those prepared with love and simplicity. This is the philosophy that Scabin, head chef at the Combal.Zero restaurant in Rivoli, near Turin, will apply in his lesson on the food of the future, to be held on September 22 at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016: an unmissable appointment reserved for Slow Food members as part of the program on Stories of Cooks and Kitchens. In Scabinsky Runner: 2036 License to Cook we’ll be taking a leap into the unknown, and trying to imagine what will be on our tables in twenty year’s time.

Freeze-dried or fresh? Pills or pasta? If we choose Scabin’s path over Philip K. Dick, we can say real food will dominate – alongside the simplicity of bread, butter and anchovies, there should be no shortage of legumes. According to Scabin, “We’ll bring the food our grandparents ate back into our kitchens to feed to our own children.”

Scabin foresees a bonanza of lentils, chickpeas and beans on the horizon, prepared without pretension, served at home and in school canteens. A gastronomy made of small daily gestures, reducing our meat consumption and taking care of our own vegetable gardens. “In the city or in the countryside, the important thing is taking care of one’s own plants, harvesting the fruits and learning to use them in the kitchen, becoming producers and consumers at the same time, because this is precisely what loving the earth means. True innovation rests in knowing how to appreciate our kitchens, giving them value they deserve and putting them center stage in discussions about the future.”

This is just a taste of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016 has in store for members of Slow Food. Don’t miss out on the chance to discover some of international gastronomy’s best-kept secrets and meet some of the most renowned chefs on the Italian scene: only our members can will be able to participate in all our exclusive events! Learn more.

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