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Drinking Vinegars: A New Trend in Mixology

Dom Costa accompanies us on a journey through the world of shrubs and drinking vinegars.Aceto da bere 1

They’re the latest trends in bartending sending drinkers wild – shrubs, drinking vinegars and syrups are essential ingredients of any self-respecting cocktail bar wishing to take its place among the avant-garde of mixology.

Indeed, sour flavors are the taste of the summer, in particular the so-called drinking vinegars, also known as shrubs. However, they aren’t a recent invention – their use stretches back as far as the 15th century, when they were used as a tonic in England, while they were used as a preservative in colonial America in the 17th century. There are whispers that they came to prominence some years ago in Mexico after a sudden increase in the price of limes put the entire cocktail industry at risk. The similar acidity of vinegar to the citrus fruits has made it a valid substitute, allowing the rediscovery of this thirst-quenching and aromatic beverage, as well as the birth of many new exciting combinations.

At Terra Madre Salone del Gusto we have a Taste Workshop dedicated to these curious creations: Shrubs, Vinegars & More. Starting with the artisanal products of some young American companies like Shrub & Co., Pickett’s, Morris Kitchen, Wilks & Wilson e Pok Pok Som – who all use fresh, organic ingredients of high quality, we’ll discover how they’re used in forward-thinking cocktail bars, as well some classics of the pre-prohibition era. Running the show will be Dom Costa, international bartender extraordinaire and passionate researcher of mixology.

There’s a great variety on offer”, Dom Costa explains as he prepares a Tommy’s Margarita, included among the New Era Drinks of the I.B.A., “but preparing a good cocktail has never been a simple task: it’s not just the bartended, but even the ice that make a difference! We’re like chemical engineers behind the bar. You need to know how to calibrate the ingredients of strictly high quality, shake in the right way and at the right time, and choose the right kind of ice for the drink! During Terra Madre Salone del Gusto I’ll try to demonstrate all this, choosing ingredients to take according to the audience in front of me. We’ll start with the more simple cocktails, the mix acidity and sweetness in the right way, then eventually arrive at stronger offerings, including the shrubs and drinking vinegars, which I’m sure will tickle the curiosity even of those who normally don’t drink!

Mixology doesn’t stop there. There are lots of other events for cocktail lovers, from the world of Japanese sake to the traditional vermouths of Turin, from gin to whisky and the creations of Michele di Carlo which celebrate cocktails made using ingredients from the Ark of Taste!

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