Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre Conferences 2014

Farmers, fishers, chefs, and food communities strive daily to remedy the shortages and disparities that afflict our modern world. To more intimately convey their struggle and philosophy, we have created a stellar calendar of discussions, encounters and workshops that you absolutely cannot miss. The salient themes of this year’s edition are family agriculture, celebrated this year by the United Nations, and the Ark of Taste, Slow Food’s catalog of products at risk of extinction. The event, to take place in Turin, is an invaluable opportunity to be able to analyze and discuss key factors in questions inextricably linked to food, sustainable production and the defense of biodiversity. Health, justice, economy, climate, culture, research, and memory are the building blocks of our future.

For the 2014 edition, the spaces for debate and idea exchange will take a different form than in previous years. The lectio magistralis will welcome experts and scholars like Stefano Rodotà, Tomaso Montanari, Woody Tasch, Eric Holt-Giménez, Luca Mercalli and Maurizio Pallante, adding more voices to the chorus in order to create classic round table discussions and seminars that are more stimulating than ever before. Keep your eye on the program for the Biodiversity House, where you can stay up to date on Slow Food projects throughout the world and meet the people who work everyday to grow the Presidium, the Ark of Taste and the Gardens in Africa.

The Earth Workshops are also back this year, dedicated to the education of production supply chains, certification systems and short supply chains. They offer great opportunities for meet and greets and an exchange of ideas and experiences with the representatives of Terra Madre. If that doesn’t do it for you, the Oval will host a variety of offerings. You will be able to discuss honey and apiculture at the Honey Bar, fish and sustainability in the Slow Fish hall, new generations and the future of food in the space dedicated to the Slow Food Youth Network, and indigenous communities in the Indigenous Terra Madre area.