The cocktail of a great bartender is no different to the food of a great chef.

Mixology−the art of mixing drinks−is founded on a delicate balance of all the ingredients involved, alcoholic and otherwise. They need to be carefully selected and put together. Understanding the history, techniques and products is fundamental to offering a good drink to a customer. Behind every cocktail lies an intriguing story, hard work and the pleasure of conviviality. From the choice of glass to the addition of ice, from choosing the fruit suppliers to customer service, there are many crucial elements behind the counter of a great bar. At this year’s Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre, in collaboration with, we wanted to share this fascinating world, from the daily Italian aperitivo to after dinner drinks. Some of the world’s best bartenders will be coming to Turin this autumn, brining along different cultures, historical research and old recipes with a modern twist, ready to take on new frontiers of taste.

Mixology began in the 1850s in the western saloons of the United States, thanks to its creator Jerry Thomas. It then passed through the Jazz Age and Prohibition, from the Cantieros Club in Cuba to Tiki Mania and Disco. And now, mixology is coming to Salone del Gusto. Do you want to learn about the differences between a long drink and a sparkly cocktail? Interested in the history of gin? Want to discover how tequila is made? Then let the best international barmen tell you. Join Dom Costa, talking about the history of the cocktail; Simone Caporale from Artesian Bar in the Langham Hotel, London (Best Bar 2013); Agostino Perrone, head mixologist at the Connaught Bar, London, and many others…

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