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Five tips for a first-timer in Turin

When we talk about the most popular tourist attractions in Italy, Turin is admittedly not always near the top of the list. But those who know the Piedmontese capital are invariably charmed by it, and it retains the feeling of being a hidden treasure among European cities, with lots to offer that often goes under the radar. Indeed, it’s Turin’s modesty that makes it attractive. From its largely intact and pristine historic center, a mix Baroque and Rococo and Art Noveau architecture, to the endless gastronomic specialties, the city has an elegant, refined character. Its well-preserved cultural heritage and rich history as the capital of industrial development in northern Italy give it a unique atmosphere, which you can savor through the events of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto.

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is where Turin meets the world, and indeed, where the world meets Turin. It’s an opportunity to dive into the city’s essence, especially if this is your first time. Here are five events in the program that a first-time traveler should check to enrich their experience of the unpretentious Piedmontese capital:

Working Hunger: Stories of Working Class Gastronomy

Working Hunger tells the story of the industrial development in Piedmont through its food: that moment of the day when thousands of workers all put down their tools together to eat their packed lunches. An emblematic symbol of Piedmontese society, which the crisis of the 1990s and the progressive closure of more and more factories has relegated to memory. The food of the working class here enjoys the cultural dignity it deserves. The exhibition is curated by a team of researchers from UNISG, with images recovered from the most important national archives, along with 12 video interviews with workers recounting their experiences. Open every day of the event, and free to visit, in the courtyard of Valentino Castle.

Vermouth di Torino: Tradition and Innovation

For 200 years now, vermouth, undoubtedly one of Turin’s most outstanding products, is synonymous with tradition and, at once, with innovation. Here you’ll be guided on a journey through history, production methods and tasting by Elena Delmagno, experienced barlady and Martini ambassador for the South of Europe, Mauro Lotti, for many years the bartender at the Grand Hotel in Rome, a great innovator and visionary who has introduced some of the world’s most important cocktails to Italy, and Walter Gosso of Turin, regarded as one of Italy’s top bartending experts and winner in 2015 of the prestigious Martini Grand Prix.

Walk N’ Eat – Piedmontese Cuisine

Walk ‘n’ Eat is a gastronomic walk around the center of Turin, a two-hour tour guided by UNISG students during which participants will be introduced to the flavors of the Piedmontese capital, exploring the city’s best foods in their urban, historical and creative context. During the tour focused on Piedmontese cuisine, they’ll explore traditional local products—cured meats and cheeses, pasta and sweets—while learning about their history and production methods. Go to the UNISG stand in Valentino Park for more info.

Migrantour Turin: Porta Palazzo – around the world in a city square

To know and understand Turin you can’t ignore its long history of immigration, which has contributed greatly to the social, cultural and economic development of the city. At Porta Palazzo, Europe’s largest open-air market, the distances are reduced to nothing. Starting from the 19th century Galleria Umberto I you’ll discover the historic boutiques, the ancient icehouses and the Art Noveau pavilion of the Clock Market. You’ll be transported to a port in the South of Italy via the Fish Market, followed by Asia, Africa and Latin America in the shops that surround the great square. The Migrantour is from 10am to 12 noon, every day of the event.

Bike N’ Eat

An alternative food tour, Bike N’ Eat highlights the city’s unique foodscapes and lesser-known places – from overlooked historical architecture, to beautiful vantage points, murals, and community run projects – on two wheels. 

The Bike N’ Eat tours will highlight Turin’s peripheral neighborhoods. During Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016 you’ll be able to hop on a bike and explore often overlooked communities who create beauty by re-purposing abandoned spaces for farms, beekeeping and art. Go to the UNISG stand in Valentino Park for more info.

The five alternatives that we chose encourage a first-time traveler to explore Turin through different social perspectives, as beyond its Savoy elegance, the modern history of this city is built on its working class heritage and rich immigrant culture. We want our visitors to appreciate the city from as many angles as possible, and of course, appreciate the one strand that unites them all: a strong food culture.


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