Profit or Sustainability? Comparing Models for Tomorrow’s Economy

Monopolies were the focus of yesterday’s debate between Barry Lynn and John Ikerd, moderated by journalist Roberto Bernabò. Barry is a journalist and writer, a researcher at the think tank of the New America Foundation in Washington, DC, he directed the Open Markets program and has written extensively on globalization, economics, and politics. John Ikerd is Professor Emeritus of Agricultural & Applied Economics at the University of Missouri, where he works on sustainable economics and agriculture. Talking about sustainability in the economy is fundamental. We are living on credit with the planet, consuming many more resources than it can provide, and progressively losing our relationship with nature, its rhythms, and its times. As for the inequality of resources, we must also remember the marked differences between rich and poor countries: in 2018 the earth overshoot day fell on March 15 for the United States, while in Vietnam it is expected […]

The protection of villages and rural areas is an integral part of the battle to defend gastronomic cultural heritage

During his speech at the opening of the 12th edition of the event, Carlo Petrini had affirmed that the protection of villages and rural areas was an integral part of the battle to defend gastronomic cultural heritage. Now he repeated the message, even more forcefully. “This is the new frontier on which the Slow Food movement needs to intervene at a world level,” said the Slow Food founder.


Consciousness and competence: the two recurring terms in a four-way dialog, a pairing that in the hands of women can change the world, a pairing both innovative and ancient. 

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto: the New CAP Has to Lead a Real Transition Towards a Sustainable Food System

At the Beyond the CAP forum at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, civil society agreed that the New Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) needs to be brave in order to outpace arising problems and to lead an urgent transition towards a sustainable food system. The biennial Terra Madre event, organized by Slow Food in collaboration with the Region of Piedmont and the City of Turin, has linked with the European Days of Action this year. The movement aims to put pressure on decision-makers and calls for a better CAP. Terra Madre Salone del Gusto takes place in Turin, Italy, from September 20-24.   Criticism Pushing for the New CAP In recent decades, numbers of farmers and farms have decreased dramatically, and the emphasis on productivity has led to a decline in biodiversity. Intensive agriculture and widespread use of chemicals have had an impact on soil fertility and the environment. The CAP, introduced in […]

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Is it Possible to Farm Without Animals?

Livestock farming and agriculture developed together more than 12,000 years ago. Since then, man has always cultivated the land with the help of animals, but industrial agriculture has broken this link. But is it possible in the future to envisage agriculture without the help of animals? And what characteristics should it have?

Every Flower Needs a Bee

"Plant flowers in your soil", the forum from the Bees and Insects area, introduced the Bee The Future campaign to the public: 100 hectares for the future of bees, a project by Eataly, Slow Food Foundation, Arcoiris, and the University of Palermo.