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Indigenous Terra Madre Opens Up

The Indigenous Peoples area of Terra Madre Salone Del Gusto 2016 kicked off Thursday morning with a discussion of the future of Indigenous Terra Madre and its place and involvement in the Slow Food organization.

Speakers included Phrang Roy of the dsc_6357Agroecology Fund in Meghalaya, India, Melissa K. Nelson of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians and Anneli Jonson of the Sami people in Sweden. Each spoke about the importance of building a strong, united and powerful network that will help get the voices of all indigenous peoples heard at a political level, guaranteeing land rights and recognition of autonomy. Despite widespread marginalization and discrimination from state and corporate actors, the prevailing sentiment of the discussion was one of positivity. “Good, clean and fair food for all has to be recognized as a universal right, and together we can change this broken food system.” said Paolo di Croce, Secretary General of Slow Food International. “Indigenous peoples can be protagonists within the Slow Food movement, inspire and be inspired, propose and realize their governance models. We now know that we share the same vision. Only together can we challenge and beat the giants that shape and impose this globalized, unjust food system on all of us.”

The second discussion of the day touched on another pressing subject: biodiversity, resilience and global challenges, how the indigenous food systems can inspire positive solutions. Indeed, while indigenous peoples have been using sustainable methods for centuries, it is only recently that developed countries are calling on their knowledge. “We must get over the idea that indigenous communities are impoverished, because in reality they are very resilient”, says Yon Fernández de Larrinoa. With 80% of global biodiversity belonging to indigenous communities, it’s clear that listening to and helping these communities get their voice heard is of extreme urgency.

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