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And so the world comes together again, united under a common banner, smiles and stories shared across continents, the entire spectrum of global gastronomy brought together under one roof—except this year, we’re not under a roof, but out in the open for the first time, across the city of Turin. This is Terra Madre Salone del Gusto.

The heart of the event is the glorious Valentino Park, where the market hosts exhibitors from over 100 countries, including numerous indigenous peoples, part of the Indigenous Terra Madre network which works to promote their traditional knowledge and protect a way of life under threat from climate change, land grabbing and migration. The Slow Food network’s work to save biodiversity is here in the flesh, represented by thousands of delegates who are all, in their own ways, loving the earth.

Then, in Via Roma, the city’s main artery stretching up from Piazza San Carlo to Piazza Castello, there are over 100 Italian Presidia showcasing the very best of artisan savoir faire from across the peninsula. Such an agglomeration of Good, Clean and Fair food is nigh on impossible to find on any other occasion, and the spirit of Terra Madre once again brings the city to life, a new energy, revitalized by the arrival of tourists from near and far. For the next five days, Turin is without any doubt the world’s food capital.

While the atmosphere is joyous and celebratory, there are serious themes underneath that we’re here to debate: the world’s fisheries, the future of the bees, Indigenous land rights, migration. Today in particular, we turn our attention to a new campaign, launched by a network of over 300 organizations, including Slow Food, to save our soil: People4Soil aims to gather a million signatures in 12 months in order to force the European Union to recognize soil as a common good in need of protection.

As Carlo Petrini said when launching this new campaign today in Turin, we have to go forward with joy in our hearts. Of course, during the course of our everyday lives, the rest of the world can feel impossibly distant, and the task at hand impossibly large. Here at Terra Madre, the opposite is true. We are all here, together, to share and learn from each other, to find solutions to our common problems, and appreciate the diversity of agriculture as a fundamental aspect of human culture.

To do that of course, as Slow Food has always done, we must carefully consider the food we eat, and enjoy it in new ways by appreciating where it comes from, and the people who make it. In hundreds of events across the city, we’re going deep into the details on everything from urban beekeeping to the bush tucker food of Australia’s First Peoples and the origins of cacao. The philosophy is simple: loving our food, and loving the earth that provides it, the people who produce it. Only by celebrating the beauty of the world’s biodiversity can we hope to preserve it for future generations.

And that is what Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is going to be doing over the next five days. Here in Turin, we welcome the world, and invite you all to celebrate with us.


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