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Monastic Beer – An Ancient and Tasty Art

Hands up, or rather bottoms up, who’s ever tasted a trappist or monastic beer. Fruit of a centuries-old tradition of brewing in Cistercian monasteries, these beers are both highly respected and recognized around the world. Names like Rochefort, Westmalle, Orval and Westwletern have played an important role in beer history, and some of their products are considered masterpieces and points of reference for all true aficionados.

Trappiste_Kloster_Ettal_KlosteranlageThough these may the most famous, don’t go thinking that the Trappist monks are the only ones who’ve successfully dedicated themselves to the production of beer! What of the Benedictines? Did you know that the use of hops in beer owes its origins to the studies of a Benedictine nun, a certain Hildegard von Bingen? It’s not accident that a lot of beers carry the names of religious institutions: beyond theological study, monks have always had an intense involvement in productive activities such as winemaking, and in areas unsuitable for grape-growing, to beer. The tradition may be ancient, but it continues today in much the same way, albeit with greater capacity, given the enormous worldwide demand for monastic beer.

If you want to learn more, and above all, taste some of the finest specimens, come to Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, where we have a Taste Workshop dedicated to Monastic Beers. It’s a very special occasion to hear the stories of the religious breweries behind this historic and seminal drink, and discover its secrets. As we know, a beer is more than just the contents of a glass. When it’s made with love and passion, it is a cultural product, the result of hard, careful, daily work that deserves our respect and admiration.

Guiding you through this fascinating world will be monks from two German Benedictine monasteries, Kloster Scheyern and Klosterbrauerei Ettal, as well three Italian monasteries: Monastero di San Benedetto di Norcia, Monastero SS. Pietro e Paolo di Buccinasco and the Abbazia Tre Fontane in Rome, the only Trappist brewery in Italy!

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Luca Giaccone

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