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Down Mexico Way: Where Beer is Slow

In the last 150 years, the beer industry around the world has been dominated by mostly homogenous lagers, light both in color, flavor and degradation, thirst-quenching but little more.

mexico beerMexico has been no exception to the trend. The largest brewers in the country have become multi-million dollar, mass-production behemoths, exporting enormous quantities of a low quality product with little or no care for the environment consequences or the ethics behind the beer. To make life even more difficult for microbreweries, the domestic production of barley for beer production is monopolized by two companies, and so smaller producers depend on imported malt.

To combat the problem, Slow Food launched Slow Beer Mexico, a taste education campaign to promote high-quality, domestically-produced artisanal beers, encourage the creation of new flavors (some completely new in Mexico) and the local production of essential ingredients like barley, hops and other cereals. Alfonso Rocha, international counselor for Slow Food Mexico and organizer of the Slow Beer campaign, tell us: “Right before Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2014 I was a judge in a gastronomic competition where I spoke to local craft brewers interested in brewing with local ingredients. I proposed using Ark of Taste and Presidia products from the Slow Food network in Mexico, and we began to develop what would later become a taste education campaign focusing on the Slow Food Philosophy… Slow Beer. It was officially launched in April 2015 in Mexico City with six craft breweries.”

At Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016 we’ll be exploring the most exciting results of the campaign so far, including beers made with stingless bee honey, amaranth and tropical fruits at Down Mexico Way: Where beer is slow! As Alfonso tell us, “You will taste the gastronomic biodiversity of Mexico through six craft beers, including the winners of the Slow Beer Mexico Cup 2016, as judged by the Mexican (Beer Judging Competition Program) and Randy Mosher. We’ll have Blue Corn Beer, which is made with a native variety of maize, Winter Ale, made with vanilla and star anise and Chica Mala, which is a red ale stout that uses the Rosita de Cacao tree as a spice, with a taste similar to cacao. Then there’s Don Porfirio, a porter made with mezcal and distilled in clay pots, and several other beers with surprising and delcious taste combinations.”

There’s something quite special brewing Down Mexico Way – and we’ve got the inside track. Come and discover some of the world’s most innovative brewing at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto – book your ticket now

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Read more about the Slow Beer Mexico Cup here.

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