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Why join Slow Food?

The official launch of the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto website sees a significant slice of the bookable events and activities go online, including events reserved for Slow Food members.

At the moment there are over 200, including Taste Workshops, Cooking School classes, Dinner Dates, Mixology workshops and educational events for schools and families. Many more will be coming, with another chunk of the program to be released in mid-June, including details of the conferences at the Carignano Theater the topics of the Terra Madre Forums.

There is no entry ticket because, in the unlikely case you haven’t heard yet, this year Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is taking over the whole city of Turin: its parks, squares, porticoes, riverbanks, theatres and museums. All the same, being a Slow Food member is well worth it for many reasons. For a start, all members have a €5 discount on all Taste Workshops and a €10 discount on all Dinner Dates, as well as a 30% discount on Slow Food Editore publications and further discounts at Slow Food-friendly businesses.

chiocciola_slow_foodMost importantly, however, members will have exclusive access to a series of bookable events in the program. Make sure to note down the codes of any that interest you:

For Slow Food members only, on Thursday September 22 at 2pm, in the “Stories of Cooks and Cooking” room at Eataly Torino Lingotto, Davide Scabin will be travelling to 2036 to imagine what the cuisine of the future will look like (code SLC17).

Friday September 23 is packed with exclusive events. At midday, come to the Appartamento della Regina Elena at the Royal Palace for an exceptional vertical of Sassicaia, the legendary wine produced by the Tenuta San Guido in Bolgheri (code SLB04). At 3pm, the tone changes as we move from wine to the “Beers” room in Eataly Torino Lingotto for a coast to coast tour of America’s brewing renaissance (code SLB35). Also at 3pm, at the Bolaffi Auction House, a workshop dedicated to saké will explore the world of Japanese rice wines, whose style changes from region to region and sometimes even from town to town (code SMX05). Lastly, at 4pm you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city, as chef Ivan Milani leads a Cooking School class dedicated to Slow Food Presidia legumes on the 36th floor of the Grattacielo Intesa Sanpaolo (code SLC26).

On Saturday September 24, it’s time to go to the theater, as the Carignano Theater’s Sala delle Colonne hosts a workshop dedicated to coffee and chocolate at 5pm, led by two Torinese companies with a global reputation: Lavazza and Guido Gobino (code SLAV05).

The next day, Sunday September 25, at 4pm, chef Fabiana Scarica will be leading a Taste Workshop at the Pastificio di Martino stand, showing how sustainably home-grown vegetables from a kitchen garden marry perfectly with the different shapes of Gragnano pasta (code SPA07). At 7pm, in the Cooking School room, chef Arcangelo Dandini is leading a very special event all about the “fifth quarter,” revealing the secrets of those delicious yet often overlooked parts of the animal (code SLC12 MOF).

And that’s not all: On Monday September 26, at the Circolo dei Lettori at 6pm, you can learn about the Prosciutto Bank started by Carlo Dall’Ava in San Daniele as a hub for exchanges and meetings for quality ham makers across Europe (code SLB60). Also at 6pm, a toast in the Royal Palace’s Apartment of Queen Elena brings the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto to an effervescent close, with an unmissable tasting of Champagnes by small-scale producers who interpret the region’s variety with great personality (SLB30).

There are also plenty of conventions with Turin’s best musuems, royal residences and other attractions. Check out this page to stay up to date with all the advantages for Slow Food members.

What are you waiting for? Being a Slow Food member is worth it! If you want to access discounts and exclusive events, become a member now, then start booking your events!

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