Systemic Event Design

Systemic Event Design (SEeD), a project developed by the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo for Slow Food and employed at Salone del Gusto since 2006 returns for this year’s edition. Historically, the goal of this systemic project is the decrease of the event’s environmental impact: this year it takes an extra step forward, including issues like social innovation, the accessibility of the cultural experience and the economic impact of the event on the local area.

Given the nature of the event this year, spread out across the city, the bond between the territory and its community is more important than ever, to increase public awareness of the global gastronomic scenario and the production chain that governs the world of food, with the aim of enabling our visitors to make informed, practical, everyday choices. Consequently, to apply a systemic project means establishing a long-lasting and balanced relationship with the city, which will inherit all these beneficial incentives.

Although limited in time, the event sets in motion a process of collective learning for all its visitors, the implications of which will be felt in the following months and produce a common sense of responsibility. With regards to environmental sustainability, the separate collection of domestic waste in collaboration with Novamont plays a central role, while the promotion of sustainable mobility (not only of people but of goods as well) becomes a main topic of discussion, developed through partnerships with Iveco Bus and GTT to encourage the development of new, more conscious consumption strategies in city spaces. The issue of public water will be tackled in collaboration with SMAT. The design of spaces and the choice of setup materials, e.g. the use of wood pallets with FSC and Palm PEFC certifications, also confirms their central role.

The social innovation area reaffirms some of the actions undertaken in the last edition, like the guided tracks for disabled people, the activities and services provided for family-friendly events and the promotion of the Salotti Sociali, a meeting and sharing point for visitors. Innovation can also be found in the technologies chosen to facilitate the understanding of indications, designed to help visitors move with ease around the various locations of the event.

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