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Terra Madre Parade – Sharing Our Love For The Earth

It was a magical night. As the stalls around Turin’s Valentino Park closed for the evening, thousands of delegates from more than 100 countries made their way, with drums and flags and banners, through the heart of the city. An unforgettable moment for Slow Food, for the Terra Madre network, for the city of Turin and for everybody who was lucky enough to be part of the Terra Madre Parade.

Along the riverside avenue of Corso Cairoli, up to Piazza Vittorio, Via Po and Piazza Carlo Alberto, we marched together in our thousands, smiling and shouting the message of good, clean and fair food for all. There was much to celebrate. Slow Food’s 30th birthday, Salone del Gusto’s 20th, and the first ever edition of Terra Madre held out in the open.

Delegates waved placards proclaiming “Voler Bene Alla Terra” (Love the Earth), “Terra Madre”, “Vote With Your Fork”, and each national delegation carried flags and streamers in a festival of international cooperation, understanding, and shared values. Loving the Earth, and good, clean and fair food for all.

As the parade culminated in a mass rally in Piazza Carlo Alberto, delegates swapped products from their territories, in a gigantic cross-cultural exchange which provoked strong emotions among than one attendee. Here, the beauty and the power of the Slow Food network around the world was physically present, and what that represents is more important than ever. In a world beset by crises, wars and food insecurity, Slow Food and Terra Madre project a message of hope. The road ahead will be hard, but we never walk alone.

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