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Terra Madre Parade: the Spirit of the Event

The Terra Madre parade is not simply a parade; it is an exchange of thoughts and ideals, a sharing of food and music, calling everyone to experience the rhythm of Slow Food together as one. The symbolic march starts off at the Arco di Trionfo in Turin’s Valentino park and finishes at Piazza Carlo Alberto—but the spirit of the parade will carry on throughout all the days of the event.

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is a chance to interact not only among ourselves, but with those who share our concerns and values. The event isn’t just about food; it is a platform to transfer experiences and discover the like-mindedness among a great number of diverse traditions. We will resolutely reaffirm that loving the earth means defending diversity in all its forms, giving value to the Ark of Taste products, the Presidia, the urban and community food gardens, the Earth Markets and the Alliance between chefs and farmers, conscious of the extraordinary power that arises out of our connections.

During the parade, participants can bring their favorite food items, be it something from their childhood or a local Ark of Taste product. As we march through the city, we will share food with other participants and those who come to watch. Food sharing represents the solidarity among participants and demonstrate food’s impact on creating social bonds.

The parade is about sharing music as well, which will manifest the theme of diversity among the musicians. Performers and bands from Puglia (Italy), the Balkans region, Senegal, and locals from Turin are all coming to keep us in step and bring us a piece of their culture.

In all respects, Terra Madre represents an extraordinary relationship-creating resource, able to mobilize forces and energies no matter what part of the world they come from. The parade will be the perfect kickoff for the upcoming days, boosting us all with the energy and eagerness necessary to live through the entire event to its fullest. Terra Madre is the sum and the diversity of our stories, cultures, and social relationships.

The parade takes place on Friday, September 23 at 7:00 pm starting at the corner of Corso Cairoli and Corso Vittori, at the Arch of Valentino Park. All are welcome!

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