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We Sow Sustainability: Systemic Event Design

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is a living creature: and like every living thing, this even is born of a seed. With this idea the University of Gastronomic Sciences has given life to the project, SEeD: or Systemic Event Design.

The project’s aim, which we’ll be exploring in our column “We Sow Sustainability”, is to rethink the dynamics of big cultural events and adapt them according to criteria of environmental sustainability, cultural accessibility and economic impact on the local area, without renouncing innovation. This delicate work has positive effects that allow us to leave the spaces used during the event in a better state than we found them. Above all, it helps us to raise awareness among our visitors of the fundamental role we all play as individuals in the battle against waste, which in Italy alone sees the average citizen produce 2 kilograms of waste every single day – that’s 89,000 tons – and each year food worth €8.4 billion is thrown away.

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Research has been carried out at Slow Food events since 2006 (at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, Cheese, Slow Fish), and has numerous national and international companies get involved. In the last edition of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto in 2014, a total of 60 partners signed up to the project, putting 102 different activities into action according to their area of expertise.
To explain what systemic means, imagine a tree. The root is our fundamental right to share the joy of good, clean and fair food; the branches are the projects that have brought theory into practice over the years, and the leaves are the people involved: farmers, communities, exhibitors, international organizations and visitors, all elements of the same system.
In future articles dedicated to Systemic Event Design, which we’ll publish until the start of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, we’ll tell you more about the project, with advice on how to put its ideas into practice.
Thinking about energy use, waste and cultural relations, we’ll tell you about the characteristics of our preparations and the criteria we use to select the materials used during Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, for instance for environmentally-friendly disposable cutlery, strategies to reduce food and water waste, and how both the products we buy and our actions as consumers can be sustainable. We’ll talk about the relationship between food and health, learning to recognize quality products and the reasoning behind daily choices which can help protect biodiversity and the planet.
We’ll be doing all this in easy, accessible way, to reach as wide an audience as possible, because Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is for everyone. We want you to be conscious participants in the event; to celebrate the enormous potential of the gastronomic spectrum that will be present in Turin. Above all we’re doing this we want people to be able to take the seeds of this project with them after the event, becoming a truly aware consumer – or co-producer.

Franco Fassio

Systemic Event Design (SEeD) Manager

University of Gastronomic Sciences

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